Sleep Routine Tips for the Autumn and Winter

Student girl sleeping on her desk at school

The start of the new school term signals the end of summer for children. The end of those glorious days on holiday, or playing until late with friends in the garden has come and whilst Getting back into the old routine can be tiring for both children and adults alike, it is actually a great time to begin some good habits and improve sleep hygiene so that the whole household feels more rested. It’s always a little bit sad to see the night drawing in but this can work to your advantage. Whilst bright, sunny evenings make it hard to wind down, darker bedtimes make us more predisposed to sleep.

Why good sleep matters

A good night’s sleep is important for all of us, but children in particular can really suffer if they are sleep deprived. Short term your child may be grumpier and more lethargic but long term sleep deprivation can lead to cognitive problems and even increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease in adulthood. This is why it is crucial to maintain a good bedtime routine to ease your child into the land of nod.

Tips for a successful bedtime routine

Consistency is key at bedtime. Choose a time and stick to it enable your child’s body clock to adjust. Leave a chunk of time before you’d like them to be asleep to do some lovely winding down activities together.

Having a bath raises body temperature slightly making us more prone to sleepiness and relaxes us, as well as being fun! Follow bath time with some cosy pyjamas and snuggle up to read a book. Offering a drink of Lullaby Milk at story time has been scientifically proven to help your child sleep as it contains naturally higher levels of melatonin, which is a natural hormone that our body produces to prepare us for sleep. Sticking to this routine will help your child to fall asleep easily and naturally, ensuring lots of energy and bounce for the following day.

Mother and daughter drinking milk in bed

It’s not just the kids that need a routine

Sometimes adults need a helping hand at bedtime too. Ensure a good night’s sleep by taking a bath and reading or listening to music before bed. Relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation are useful to help you clear your mind. Alternatively make a to do list for the following day to empty your mind of chores. A dark, quiet, cool room is the best environment to enable you to switch off. Drinking melatonin rich lullaby milk is a great natural sleep solution for adults as well as children and it has the double benefit of being delicious too.

There are so many benefits to getting a good night’s sleep and creating a bedtime routine that you can stick to will ensure you enjoy the colder days that little bit more – especially on the exhausting run-up to (dare we say it?) Christmas, that really isn’t too far away!


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