How Lullaby Milk helped me sleep better during Pregnancy


Your first pregnancy is such an exciting time yet daunting from all the stories you are told and advice given by friends and family. Even strangers tend to share their own experiences whether in a queue at the shops or when out and about. Not knowing what to expect can be nerve wrecking for some and others just embrace it.  The one statement that is stuck in my head to this day is “get as much Sleep as you can before baby arrives!!!”. If only I knew what was to come I would have slept in a lot more before our little bundle of joy arrived. No more lie in’s for me when daddy is a farmer and goes to work 7 mornings a week.

My Story

I drank lullaby milk through out my pregnancy and wanting to be able to share my experience I stopped drinking it a few weeks here and there to understand the stage of pregnancy I was going through and how it affected my sleep routine. I’m a night owl normally, my head would be racing when I lie down thinking of my following day’s routine, I could be 2 to 3 hours trying to get to sleep and not being able to switch off my thinking cap.

THE FIRST TRIMESTER of my pregnancy I felt exhausted quite a lot of the time with all the changes going on with my body, when I drank lullaby milk I felt it easier to get through the following day and when going to sleep I had the want to close my eyes, my brain felt it hadn’t the energy to think and felt more relaxed when lying in bed. The nights without lullaby milk, my mind was racing again and it took time to get to sleep, I took this time to catch up on my favourite box sets on tv but it didn’t help to get through the day to follow.

THE SECOND TRIMESTER of my pregnancy was a lot more smooth sailing. I had that extra pep in my step again during the daytime but yet I would be lying in bed looking at the 4 walls trying to get to sleep. When drinking Lullaby Milk I was getting to sleep within 20 minutes of going to bed. Because I was working quite long hours I would try and be in bed for 11pm every night, I drank 500 ml of lullaby milk at 9:30 and I took an hour to relax before going down.

THE THIRD TRIMESTER of my pregnancy was great fun running to the bathroom day and night. Without Lullaby Milk I was finding it hard to get back to sleep once I had got up to go. I would feel like my day should be starting as I had fallen out of sleepy mode but it was usually only 1am or 2 am in the morning when I would wake. Having a lovely BIG bump did not do me any favours either trying to get to sleep. You would think the effort alone to have to keep twisting and turning to get comfortable in bed would wear you out enough to get to sleep but no!! This was the main trimester I felt Lullaby Milk was my saviour during my pregnancy. The nights I drank Lullaby Milk I would stay in sleepy mode when going to the bathroom and fall off back to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow again. The twisting and turning was minimal as I was falling off to sleep a lot faster.


We have had many inquiries from customers wondering if lullaby milk is safe to drink during pregnancy.  I can confirm yes it is completely safe as Lullaby Milk is 100% natural. Because our cows are milked before dawn, Lullaby Milk contains higher levels of naturally occurring melatonin. Melatonin is a natural hormone that we produce in our bodies at night to get you ready for sleep. Melatonin regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Likewise cows produce melatonin during darkness, therefore Lullaby Milk contains these natural higher levels. Lullaby Milk is scientifically proven and is suitable from 12 months of age and up, including adults.


We had one customer recently advise us that we should be spreading the word on how Lullaby Milk can help during pregnancy and here I am 2 years on finally sharing my story. We are delighted it helped her too….

“You should advertise it for pregnant women too struggling to sleep…i was desperate for something and couldn’t take anything. It has stopped me going crazy!! Thanks again”

And hopefully we can help many more struggling to sleep during pregnancy.

If you would like further information or help with getting lullaby milk send us a quick message on our website, facebook page or call Julian on 0860606272.

We wish you all the best in your pregnancy and many a restful night.

From all the Team at Lullaby Milk


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