Frequently Asked Questions


What is Lullaby Milk?

Lullaby Milk is a 100% natural, melatonin enriched milk that is scientifically proven to aid a good nights sleep

What is Melatonin?  

Melatonin is a natural hormone that we produce in our bodies at night to get you ready for sleep. Melatonin regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

How is Lullaby Milk different from every day milk?

Because our cows are milked before dawn, Lullaby Milk contains higher levels of naturally occurring melatonin. Cows produce melatonin during darkness like we do, therefore Lullaby Milk contains these natural higher levels that everyday milk does not.

Where can I get Lullaby Milk?

You can get lullaby milk in Supervalu and Centra nationwide, if not in the fridge the dairy manager or a staff member can order it in for you as they may not be a regular stockist yet

How long can you freeze Lullaby Milk for?

You can freeze Lullaby Milk for maximum of 3 months

How long does Lullaby Milk last after its defrosted?

Lullaby Milk will last for 4-5 days after it’s defrosted

What is the minimum age for Lullaby Milk?

Lullaby Milk is for all age groups from 12 months of age and up (including adults)

Is Lullaby Milk for adults and does it work?

Yes Lullaby Milk is for adults also, we have many customers who drink Lullaby Milk to help with sleep issues.

How much and when do I give Lullaby Milk to our little one?

For children we recommend to start with at least 300ml breaking it down between supper (or up to 3 hours prior to bedtime) and again before bed, if you feel they need more increase by 50ml the following nights as some may need more than others (max 500ml)

How much do you recommend for adults?

For adults we recommend up to 500ml and can be broken down between supper and 30 mins to 1 hour before bed

When should it start working?

From customer feedback we found it works on the first night for some and can take up to a week for others due to finding the right amount and times taken that suits you/your child.

How much is Lullaby Milk?

Lullaby Milk retails at €2.35 per litre

Can I get this in the UK/Northern Ireland?

Not yet but we are currently working on getting this set up

My little one seemed restless on the first night, what should I do?

Please ensure your little one has a good dairy tolerance due to amounts required. We recommend to slowly introduce Lullaby Milk for the first 2 weeks if they are not already on every day milk or not used of the amounts required.

What should I do if my local store won’t get it in for me?

Please contact us on 0860606272 or by facebook/website and we will arrange a store for you and contacts in store.

Why didn’t it work for my little one?

Sometimes there may be another issue causing a sleepless night, but from customer feedback we found it wasn’t working for some due to amount taken and time taken as these are main factors in ensuring a good night’s sleep with Lullaby Milk. Please also note it can take up to a week for some to work.

What should I do if it didn’t work for my little one?

Please contact us on 0860606272 or message/email us the amounts/times taken, we can check if there is something we can do to help get you back to a good nights sleep.

Do you have a lactose free lullaby milk?

Currently we do not have a lactose free Lullaby Milk


Please contact us on 0860606272, or Facebook if you have any further queries


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