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100% natural

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Milked in County Cork before the sun comes up so you can enjoy a great night's sleep

Julian and Gerald

Farming is a Burns' family tradition with almost 100 years of pedigree cows on our farm in Dromtarriffe parish, North Cork
By day our cows lazily graze on the green pastures in the Duhallow region and, as a result, produce deliciously creamy milk.

100% Natural

Our milk is a 100% natural sleep aid. There are no hidden ingredients or additives to worry about, just a wholesome drink of milk and some clever know-how.

Relax! Our Lullaby Milk is scientifically proven to help you get a good night's sleep.

Because our cows are milked before dawn, Lullaby Milk contains higher levels of naturally occuring melatonin.
Melatonin is a natural hormone that we produce in our bodies at night to get you ready for sleep. Melatonin regulates the sleep-wake cycle.
Likewise cows produce melatonin during darkness, therefore lullaby milk contains these natural higher levels

Simply sip and slumber

For Adults - 500ml 1 hour before bedtime
For Children - 300-500ml (this can be broken down within 3 hours before bed)
Please allow 1 week for best results

Suitable from 12 months of age and up. Available in 1 litre

For scientific research studies Read More >
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Regulate your sleep cycle

"The well-being of people depends on the maintenance of the endogenous daily rhythms of biological functions and the sleep-wake rhythm. Melatonin that is produced by the pineal gland is considered to have and important role in the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle".
(Dawson and Encel, 1993)
"Recent research studies (e.g. Valtonen et al, 2007, 2005) have examined the effectiveness of consuming melatonin-rich night-time milk on sleep quality and daytime physical activity levels. In a sample controlled double-blind study (Valtonen, 2007) melatonin-rich night milk was shown to signifigantly enhance sleep efficiency when compared against normal milk or melatonin tablets (p < 05)".

  • I started using this lullaby milk only last week and have to say...Mighty stuff, I slept very well after it, as normally I would have a lot of broken sleep. So another happy customer in Dublin 8
    Naoimi O'Reilly

  • It's a really great product for young and old, my mother will not go without it, and I for sure won't stop giving it to my 1 and 3 year old.
    Marie McMahon

  • We started using your lullaby milk last night for the first time with our 13 mth old girl. She doesn't like the taste yet as she is used to formula but we are going to mix the tow and gradually add more lullaby. Saying that, she slept for 11 hours solid for the first time last night!!!!!
    Sheelagh Conway


The benefits of lullaby milk are scientifically proven and our team works hard to ensure the best quality product is delivered to you.

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You can find lullaby milk at your local SuperValu and Centra stores. If not on the shelf you can order in through the dairy manager of the store...just ask

Available at Aldi Stores Nationwide from Thursday 23rd August 2018 as part of the programme

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